December 5, 2016 Update (“The Saga Continues”)patch2015

Is everyone having fun yet with the “whose patch did you get” game? All kidding aside, your patience and humor is appreciated. Everyone who received a patch (correctly or incorrectly) should get an email from Patti by tomorrow with instructions. In the meantime here is the lowdown:
(1) if you did indeed complete 3 of the 4 triple patch events, but received a patch that had a different name on the envelope - It’s yours to keep! Don’t let the incorrect name discourage you - you earned it! Now flaunt it!
(2) if you completed 3 or 4 of the events this year and did not receive a patch (or 4 star pin) - hang tight! You will get yours in the mail by the end of the year.

Now for the tricky ones!
(3) If you received a patch erroneously but did not complete 3 of the events, we are asking for your help in getting the patches back to us so we can re-send them to the correct people. We would greatly appreciate it, if you could please return your patch in one of two ways - either way we do have a special token of our thanks for you:
1. Drop patch in the mail to Triple Finisher, per instructions in the email you will receive
2. Drop patch off at the downtown Skinny Raven Sports store between Wednesday, December 7th and Saturday, December 17th.

Either way you return the patch, we will give you a Kaladi Brothers’ coffee card for your trouble (pick up at Skinny Raven when you drop it off or we will send it in the mail to you).
Huge thanks to Skinny Raven and Kaladi Brothers for helping make this mix-up a bit fun! And to you all for your sense of humor and understanding.

December 1, 2016 Update:

There was an issue with one event list that had mis-sorted addresses. We will do an audit of the list to determine who did not get a patch.
So, for now hang on to the patch  you received - even if it was addressed to a different person.
An email will be sent to all of the triple patch recipients in the next week with an update and we will get any remaining patches sent to the correct recipients.


November 29 2016 Update: 
The patches are in the mail!! Thanks for your patience!!

What is it? Since 1994 a classy, distinctive patch has been awarded to women and girls who complete three of the four Anchorage women’s sport events in one calendar year. It can be worn with pride!

What are the four events?

How do I get the patch? Register for and complete three of the four events in one calendar year, in the fall, we’ll compare the finishing lists for all the events and will mail the patches out. Complete all 4 events and you'll receive a special pin to attach to your patch for that year.

To ensure you get the patch you deserve, please:  when registering for each event,  use the same first and last names so that at the end of the year we can match names from each of the event's lists of finishers.  For example, if you use a nickname in the first event, use it when registering for all of the other events.

Many thanks to Skinny Raven for sponsoring the triple patch program from 2000 on. Give them your business, they know running! If you don't get your patch, contact Patti to get it straightened out.


Triple Finish Patch